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Welcome to the adoption center (provided by our site), To all potential adopters:
As adopters of puppymill rescues, we have to remember where these dogs came from. They are not socialized, usually not house broken and if so, not well. When we adopt, we make a commitment to do everything humanly possible to save and love these animals. We vow to be patient, to provide medical care, to explore every possible solution to either psychological or medical problems. And, if for whatever reason, you cannot cope with the animal's problems...

  • Contact Someone at PMR Immediately For Help!

  • There will always be someone at PMR who can offer constructive advice or pick up the dog. As adopters, we dedicate ourselves to providing the care and love these dogs have never known. Please think through this responsibility and what it really entails, in the long run, before you adopt. If ever there were an animal that deserved super-human efforts to save, it is a puppymill dog. For their sakes, adopt in full knowledge of what that obligation may require of you. That investment, in reclaiming the body and spirit of a puppymill dog, is rewarded a hundred-fold.

    Susan Brennan
  • With your help, we can find these poor pups a home.
    “ One dog at a time”

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